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What Are Fast Action Roller Shutters?

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Fast Action Roller Shutters, also known as High Speed PVC Shutters, are a type of shutter designed to open as quickly as possible. This is achieved by using high speed motors to roll the shutter up at speeds of up to 3 metres per second. 

Often these shutters are required in high traffic areas, and will need to be used dozens, if not hundreds of times each day. Therefore the durability of the motor is very important to the reliability of fast action shutters.

They almost always require 3 phase power supply, and only with the use of expensive inverters is it possible to use them on single phase power.

The opening speed is often more important than security, so often these shutters are made with lightweight materials such as PVC curtain.

The benefits of using PVC are that it is possible for the material to be transparent, and that it is naturally resistant to fire. 

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Fast Action Shutters are suitable for Thermal Insulation, Dust Supression, and Hygiene Control applications.

What Applications Are Fast Action Shutters Used In?

Fast Action Shutters are generally used in high-traffic areas of factories and warehouses where there is a need to keep areas separated.

This can be for a variety of reasons including hygiene, thermal protection, or simply to separate areas of the factory.

Typical Applications:

  • Shop Fronts
  • Business Premises
  • Warehouses & Factory Doors
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals

If you have a requirement that you don't see listed above, that doesn't mean we can't help. Get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss your requirements.


We offer 24/7 Call Out & Repair, Maintenance Contracts, and full Design, Manufacture & Installation Services. 


What Options Are Available?

Fast Action Shutters face some of the toughest conditions of any shutter, so they have to be built to last. Depending on the area the shutter will be in, and the type of traffic that will be passing through, it might be necessary to use High Wind Guides or Self Repairing Guides. Ask our sales team about these.

These shutters are also ineffective if they aren’t easy to operate. For this reason we offer a range of automated operations that will allow staff and vehicles to pass through the shutter with complete ease.

We recommend the following operations: 

Motion detectors – detects movement within a predefined area. When movement is detected the doors will open. The doors will close after a predefined length of time after the last movement detection.

Magnetic induction loops – Loops of wire under the floor detect the presence of metallic or conductive objects, activating the door opening mechanism. The door automatically closes when no further objects are detected by the induction loop.

Infrared photo cells – A beam of light is shone across the door area a short distance before it. When the beam is interrupted, the door is activated. This kind of door can be used for human traffic as well as fork lift trucks etc.

Load cell activation – The door is activated when a predefined weight is detected by a load cell in the floor. This allows the door to be opened by a large item such as a fork lift truck, but not be activated by a person.

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PVC Curtains allow for transparent finishes as well as multiple colours.


More Information

Are Acoustic/Fire/High Security options available?

Even though they are usually made from PVC, fast action shutters are surprisingly resiliant shutters when it comes to insulation and fire resistance. They are Class 2 Fire Resistant as standard and a heavier gauge of PVC can be used to improve the thermal qualities of the shutter. 

If necessary, fast action steel shutters can be made, and these do offer a much better level of security but at a higher cost. A more common and cost-effective solution is to use a high security steel shutter on the external face of an opening, and the fast action PVC shutter on the internal face. This way the security shutter can be opened in the morning and left open while using the fast action shutter. Then, when the premises needs to be secured at night, the high security shutter is closed.

Technical Specifications

The Process


Survey & Design

Our Engineers will meet you on site to measure your aperture and discuss the available options.



We will build your bespoke shutter to the agreed design, ensuring quality at every stage of the process.



We return to your premises to install the roller shutter and give you a full demonstration before signing off.

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