Tube & Link Roller Shutters

Style & Security with High Visibility and Air Flow

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Perfect For Shops and BARS

What Is A Tube & Link Shutter?

Stylish Handmade Designs. Expertly Installed. Ongoing Support.

Tube & Link Shutters offer a great way to secure an area of a building without comprimising on visual quality. They allow full visibility beyond the shutter, meaning they are perfect for bars, restaurants, receptions, or any area where visibility and an open space is key. 

They are comprised of a series of tubes that are held together by links, hence the name “tube and link”. The profile of the shutter can be changed to create many different and interesting patterns, which can enhance any area’s visual qualities when the shutter is closed.

There are 100's of colour options available with additional options such as safety edge sensors, punched/perforated lath, alarmed opening and closing, and fire resistance. Due to the fact that they are handmade, tube and link shutters are often more expensive than the more common counter parts.

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Tube & Link Shutters provide the most air flow and visibility of any shutters in our range.

What Applications Are Tube & Link Shutters Used In?

Tube and Link Shutters are most often seen in hospitality and retail applications where areas need to be secured without impacting the look and feel of an area. Because of their open profiles, and the unique patterns that are possible, tube and link shutters are often seen as a stylish and sleek way to secure an area.

Typical Applications:

  • Bars and Counters
  • Reception Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Shop Fronts / Window Fronts

If you have a requirement that you don't see listed above, that doesn't mean we can't help. Get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss your requirements.


We offer 24/7 Call Out & Repair, Maintenance Contracts, and full Design, Manufacture & Installation Services. 


How Do Tube & Link Shutters Work?

Due to the weight of Tube & Link Shutters, they are not suitable for manual spring loaded operation, this means they are motor-operated with a single phase or 3 phase electric motor.

If you are using the shutter multiple times per day then a manual operation or 3-phase motor will be recommended to make sure the motor isn’t over worked.

If the shutter is the size of an average shop front, and you expect to use it once or twice per day (when opening or closing a business) then a single phase motor should be adequate, but it will depend on the weight and configuration of the shutter.

All of our roller shutters are built bespoke to your precise requirements.

During a site survey, our engineers will discuss available options including colours, profiles, operation, and anything else you require.

Our shutters are built to the millimetre, and will be designed and manufactured for your exact opening.

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Don't want plain steel? Choose from 1000's of colours including RAL and BS colour palettes. 


More Information

What Options Are Available?

Perforated and punched finishes help to enable airflow and visibility into the premises, making them ideal for car parks or shops and other buildings with commercial applications.

Operation is available through electric motor (tubular or direct drive), or a counter balance spring for manual use. All electrically operated roller shutters can be fitted with any one of a variety of control options such as key switch, push buttons, remote control, keypad, and many more.

Speak to our experienced team for advice on which is best for your application.

Can They Be made Acoustic/Fire Resistant/High Security/etc.?.

Due to the nature of tube and link shutters, they are definitely designed for those who are more concerned about the visible appearance of the shutter rather than acoustics and fire ratings.

They are suitable for any application where visibility and air flow are key, but would not be suitable for fire or acoustic operations.


Technical Specifications

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