LPS1175 High Security Shutters

High Security Shutter Solutions for Critical Security Applications

superior security - home & business

Available in SR1, SR2, SR3 & SR4

Hugely customisable range

Built to UK & EU Standards

Why High Security Shutters?

Elite Security. Expert Installation. Police Recommended.

When you need to be sure that your property has nothing but the best protection in place, look no further than a high security shutter.

Certified to LPS1175 standards and officially recommended by the High Security initiative, they offer the best in security. The regulations and standards ensure that your shutter is resistant to break in attempts from certain tool sets.

The longer your shutter can withstand these attempts, and the more noise someone has to make in order to breach the shutter, the safer your property will be.

Contact our sales team now on 0800 112 0083 or email to discuss your requirements. Please note these shutters are supplied by a certified third party supplier. 

The longer it takes to gain access to a building, and the louder an intruder has to be, the more likely they are to be deterred.


What does LPS1175 mean?

LPS1175 is a set of standards relating to loss prevention, hence LPS standing for “Loss Prevention Standard”, with the 1175 standard referring specifically to building components that are resistant to break-in.

Doors, fences, windows and shutters are all covered by the standards, and depending on which issue (there are currently 8), a rating is given to the building component that has been tested.

Most commonly, shutters are tested to issue 6 of the LPS1175 standards, and as such will have a security rating between 1 and 4, often shortened to SR1, SR2, SR3, or SR4. Each security rating offers a different level of protection, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest.

A breakdown of the security ratings is as follows:


Based on low domestic risk and low commercial risk.

Products certified to this rating provide a level of resistance to opportunist attempts at forced entry, using bodily physical force and a limited range of hand tools, including those that create noise.

Tool Kit A

Maximum attack time: 1 minute

Maximum attack duration: 10 minutes


Based on low commercial risk.

Products certified to this level of security provide moderate resistance to determined attempts of force using a physical force and a wide range of hand tools with a more significant mechanical advantage, including those that create noise.

Tool Kit C

Maximum attack time: 5 minutes

Maximum attack duration: 20 minutes


Based on medium domestic risk and lower commercial risk.

Products certified to this security rating provide resistance to opportunist attempts at forced entry, using bodily physical force and a range of hand tools, including those that create noise.

Tool Kit B

Maximum attack time: 3 minutes

Maximum attack duration: 15 minutes


Based on medium commercial risk.

Products certified to this level provide resistance to experienced determined attempts at forced entry using a wide range of hand tools and battery power tools, with a disregard for noise created.

Tool Kit D

Maximum attack time: 10 minutes

Maximum attack duration: 30 minutes

We offer 24/7 Call Out & Repair, Maintenance Contracts, and full Design, Manufacture & Installation Services. 


What is High Security?

High Security is a police run initiative that aims to make sure houses can be built with products that provide certain levels of security.

If a product is approved by High Security it meets the strict compliance standards set out by the scheme. Homes and buildings built to SBD standards are are 81% less likely to be burgled.

If you are building a new home, or renovating an existing property, ask your provider if the shutters they sell are SBD approved.

What Applications Are High Security Shutters Used In?

High security shutters are obviously very popular in a range of applications, be it at home, work, or on industrial and retail premises.

Anywhere something needs to be protected, a high security shutter is almost always a great choice. 

Typical Applications:

  • Office
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Blocks

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Don't want plain steel? Choose from 1000's of colours including RAL and BS colour palettes. 


More Information

What Options Are Available?

All of our roller shutters are built bespoke to your precise requirements.

During a site survey, our engineers will discuss available options including colours, profiles, operation, and anything else you require.

Our shutters are built to the millimetre, and will be designed and manufactured for your exact opening.

How Do High Security Shutters Work?

LPS1175 and High Security shutters often need to be installed to meet exact conditions - for example in most cases it is a requirement that shutterss be installed on the internal face of an opening.

It is also not possible for high security shutters to be fire rated, as the requirements of the fire certifcation conflict with the requirements of the security certifications. 

Other than that, they work very much the same way as a normal roller shutter - they are often heavier than a typical steel or aluminium shutter, especially the SR3 and SR4 models, so they require powerful 3 phase motors in order to operate.


Our range of steel roller shutters are ideal for your shopfront, carpark, warehouse, factory, or industrial unit. They provide great security to high risk areas, and are available in a range of colours, and a variety of styles, such as:

  • Galvanized Lath
  • Powder coated (any colour desired).
  • Flat lath
  • Tube and link
  • Perforated
  • Punched


Perforated and punched finishes help to enable airflow and visibility into the premises, making them ideal for car parks or shops and other buildings with commercial applications.

Operation is available through electric motor (tubular or direct drive), or a counter balance spring for manual use. All electrically operated roller shutters can be fitted with any one of a variety of control options such as key switch, push buttons, remote control, keypad, and many more.

Speak to our experienced team for advice on which is best for your application.

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