• Wicket doors allow you to access your building through a closed roller shutter when there is no other way to enter. Access through a doorway occupied by a rolling shutter is often cause for concern, especially when there is no alternative route, The use of a “Wicket Door” is an accepted option but one that is frequently overlooked because of the inherent problems created by this type of door in the past.
  • We have engineered our wicket door to be easy to use at the same time eliminating the weakness in other manufacturers products. Our wicket door is produced from high quality precision profiled steel sections, has a welded construction and is painted as standard in an epoxy grey paint. The inner outward opening leaf is infilled with 75mm galvanised interlocking lath to match the rolling shutter curtain and is fitted with a Yale type cylinder and rim latch.
  • The outer frame comes with 2 heavy duty hinges and pins attachment to the wall or door guide and includes a unique self clamping cam and handle set that gives the user a “quick” release or locking action. This enables the whole door and frame assembly to be hinged quickly away from the door way to allow operation of the rolling shutter.