• Sectional doors are counterbalanced to ensure the smooth running of doors. Using minimal effort. All counterbalance spring calculations carried out by S&S Shutters are designed to get the maximum life out of the door springs we manufacture.
  • The springs are high tensile helical wound steel. Shot blasted for improved performance. The springs are mounted on a steel shaft supported by bearing brackets incorporating sealed bearing rollers, to ensure free running of the shaft.
  • Also mounted on the spring shaft are the cable drums. These carry the aircraft quality cables, which have 7:1 safety factor. These are looped and swaged using a hydraulic press to ensure the cables do not get detached from the cable drums or the brackets which connect the cables to the bottom of the door panels.

Compact Sectional Doors

Compact Sectional Overhead doors are perfect for situations where room for tracks is limited and a high level of insulation is required. Unlike standard sectional overheads, this compact model folds up as it opens so there’s no need for back tracks therefore reducing the space required for head room.

Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead sectional doors are ideal in situations where head room may be restricted, and there is insufficient space to fit the box required for a roller shutter. This type of door slides upwards on side runners, which continue onto the roof area, so that aperture space is maximised when the door is in the open position.