• The shutter curtain is constructed from interlocking galvanised steel laths and a heavier duty manufactured bottom rail, running in steel side channels, mounted on mild steel support angles which are bolted to the structure. The curtain weight is supported from a suitable steel tube barrel assembly at high level, running on steel bearings. The barrel assembly is supported between mild steel endplates in a flag guide arrangement and driven through gears. A galvanised steel coil casing and flame trap fascia are provided as standard.


  • Electrical operation is by means of a high quality single or three phase controlled descent operator. All controls are 24-volt low voltage and have open, close and emergency stop button as standard. Emergency manual override is provided as standard to allow operation of the door in case of power failure.


  • Single Phase Tube Motor (Fire Rated).
  • 3 Phase Industrial Motor (Fire Rated).

As with all our motor-driven shutters, fire-rated doors are fitted with safety brakes, coupled with ‘drive ratio control’, to manage controlled descents correctly.

Furthermore, we can incorporate one of our interface panels so that the roller shutter closes automatically when the fire alarm is set off.

Shutters are available in sizes to suit your needs and either galvanised or powder coated in a choice of colours.