• Rapid action doors have opening speeds as high as 3 meters per second, making them ideal for high traffic areas, where the movement of fork lift trucks is slowed by a conventional roller shutter door.
  • Rapid action doors are designed to take advantage of automatic detection systems and switches, including:
  • Motion detectors – detects movement within a predefined area. When movement is detected the doors will open. The doors will close after a predefined length of time after the last movement detection.
  • Magnetic induction loops – Loops of wire under the floor detect the presence of metallic or conductive objects, activating the door opening mechanism. The door automatically closes when no further objects are detected by the induction loop.
  • Infrared photo cells – A beam of light is shone across the door area a short distance before it. When the beam is interrupted, the door is activated. This kind of door can be used for human traffic as well as fork lift trucks etc.
  • Load cell activation – The door is activated when a predefined weight is detected by a load cell in the floor. This allows the door to be opened by a large item such as a fork lift truck, but not be activated by a person.
  • In addition to the above, Remote controls, push switches or pull cords can be used to active the doors. In these cases the doors will automatically close after a predetermined time interval.
  • Also, when considering Rapid Action doors, you need to ensure that the specified design includes an Emergency manual opening override system, has pedestrian warning signs and visible and audible warnings when the door is about to operate.

Fast Action Doors can be carried out in different types such as:

  • High Speed Steel Fast Action Doors.
  • High Speed Transparent Roller Shutter Doors.
  • High Speed Sectional Doors.
  • Aluminium, Insulated, Fire Rated, Door Systems & Curtains.